Best Practice for Epicor PLM

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The rapid pace of digitalization is increasing the number of systems that contribute to the creation of...

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In the evolutionary chain of information management in technical environments, product data management...

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Product lifecycle management today runs across department and company lines. It all began with...

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A company’s success is first and foremost determined by the earning power of its projects and processes.

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With CAD data management as the starting point, collaborative PLM currently represents the last stage in...

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Latest articles

Contract management

A contract establishes the basic principles of a company’s business relationships with [...]
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Order process

A collaborative PLM solution should be able to accurately map workflows that cross organizational [...]
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By taking a DMStec approach, manufacturing companies can structure their product information in keeping with the [...]
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Of particular interest

Product Data Backbone

The rapid pace of digitalization in the mechanical and plant engineering sector is increasing the number of systems that contribute to the creation of production-related information (CAD, PDM/PLM, ERP). At the same time, data volumes are constantly growing and becoming more and more heterogeneous. As business departments are moving towards integrative collaboration it is crucial that they go beyond working with their own data alone. The manual transfer of information from one system to another, however, is highly error prone.
The answer is to have an enterprise-wide Product Data Backbone in...

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Best practice for Epicor PDM and PLM

Epicor PLM is a software that enables companies to adopt collaborative product lifecycle management. In it, CAD data and product data management (PDM) combine with a technical document management system (DMStec) to form a collaborative PLM solution that was designed from the ground up to deliver cross-company collaboration and integrate effortlessly with the ERP system. Epicor PLM is built on PRO.FILE, a groundbreaking PLM software solution developed by the German PLM software experts at PROCAD.

Combining Epicor ERP and Epicor PLM is the perfect strategy for manufacturing companies looking to embrace digitalization in their operations by way of a consistent Product Data Backbone.