Project Management

Application PackagesFrom change management to risk and contract management

Best practices provide a proven path to quickly implement new software applications into practice. You don’t have to start programming from scratch, but rather rely on approaches that have already been successfully tried and tested elsewhere. PROCAD calls this pre-configured application packages. They are PLM scenarios [...]

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Process ControlIT based PLM process control or not?

Overall, employing task management increases the level of process control. This takes away a certain level of freedom, adherence to rules and guidelines is facilitated and promoted. The result is better compliance and process automation. Particularly in product-centric industries, software driven PLM processes should not be an [...]

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Seamless ProcessesGetting out of the digital dead end

A PLM solution creates a seamless experience, giving everyone along the process chain – whether it’s order processing, design, production, or sales – controlled access to a consistent and unified Product Data Backbone. This means that establishing a Product Data Backbone is the key to end-to-end PLM because the [...]

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