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Digital Information RelationshipsCommunication between mechanics, electronics, and software development is key

Employees working on the business side of the manufacturing industry are usually one step ahead, at least when it comes to the integrated experience delivered by the software solutions at their disposal. Their ERP system provides a single pane of glass that allows them to navigate information on all components, be they [...]

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Digital Information TwinDigital Twin and Digital Information Twin Go Hand in Hand

The structure of machinery and equipment is growing increasingly complex. As Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are intensifying, the share of electronic and software components is ever increasing while the share of mechanical components is going down. By merging the product information on all equipment components in a product and [...]

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Digital ThreadThe digital thread connects ongoing operations with development

Companies can avoid complaints and raise the quality of their products by establishing a relationship between the parts they design and the complaints they receive. A digital thread connects information from ongoing operations with development, allowing companies to easily analyze their items/parts. A Product Data Backbone is an [...]

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