Simultaneous Engineering

3D CAD SystemSecurely work with references, versions and variants

CAD technology is advancing at a relentless pace. 3D CAD systems have almost completely replaced any legacy software that still relies on 2D models. The reasons for this go beyond merely adding another dimension to have the added advantage of incorporating spatial relations. 3D CAD also means being able to work with references [...]

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Digital ThreadThe digital thread connects ongoing operations with development

Companies can avoid complaints and raise the quality of their products by establishing a relationship between the parts they design and the complaints they receive. A digital thread connects information from ongoing operations with development, allowing companies to easily analyze their items/parts. A Product Data Backbone is an [...]

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Product Engineering and Product ManagementThe step towards "Digital Product Engineering"

The lifecycle of a product starts with its creation – regardless of whether you are dealing with pumps, motors, components of a special-purpose machine, or a large technical facility in its entirety. Adapting and enhancing their existing and proven basic components to meet the specific requirements of their customers is [...]

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